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Free Online Fish Games



Fish Olympics

Egg and Spawn Race

Swimming is Fun for Fish (flash) 

What a mouthful
(click on play, Vancouver aquarium, what a mouthful)

Koi Fish Pond Game




Aquarium Games 

Race George to the Treasure

Fishhooks (Disney) games & activities 

Fish (storyplace)

Amazon Voyage - Explore the River (flash)

Color Your Own Fish 

Match Colors of Fish

Fish Hooks game 

Paint Fish Online 

Fish have a 3 month memory

Fish Math Games

Fish Anatomy Games

ABC Fishing Games (Lang Arts)

Easy Fish Counter

Match Colors of Fish

Fun in the Deep Blue Sea

Fish School Games - Learning Games (true/false, quizzes, interactives, unit reviews)

Fish Identification

Fisheries games

Virtual Aquariums, Virtual Pet Fish

Kids Com 

Plus ...

Go Fish - Fishing Games

Fish Fairy Tales

Free Fish Powerpoints

Free Fish Clipart

Free Fish Video Clips

All About Fish





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